Author: Mike Maples

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


“Executive orders were proof of Obama’s lawlessness. Now Trump does them and they’re celebrated…  Republicans have two principles: figuring out how to funnel more money to rich people, and ‘If it makes liberals mad, we’re for it.’ That’s it.” -Bill Maher

Bill has summarized what I’ve been thinking and saying for the past year: while the Dems’ message has stayed relatively the same through the years (at least since I’ve been interested in politics), Republicans/conservatives change their position more than a bisexual hooker playing Twister. Trump’s very nomination shows us this. How can you wag your fingers at something one day and embrace it the next and not look like you just wrote a doctoral thesis on hypocrisy? Look to the GOP for a lesson in doing this successfully and with the sheep… oops… I mean constituents’… blessing.

That’s why We The People don’t have any faith or trust in politicians: the most vocal of the lot (and now, the most powerful) are the most serpentine in their values. They play a game of Whack-A-Mole with Fox & Friends bullet points, basing their strategies on popularity, not backbone. This is not, and never was, about a party's values. It is about being the loudest in the room by whatever means possible. At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift were offered cabinet positions. These people don’t care if they contradict themselves from day to day, so long as they can dismiss any pushback as liberals hippies who are bitter about losing the election while also nurturing a cult-like following of people who cling to any insane or fictitious messages simply because of the audacity and din of the message itself. We don't want policies or tradition or knowledge or philosophy. We want noise and flames and promises.

The hollow nature of the promise is irrelevant. Its simple existence in the noise and the fact that is was said in the first place is all that matters.

These people, this mob... they don’t care that there is no way that the coal industry will return to the prosperity of yore.

They don’t care that the only way we’ll lure manufacturing back to America is if we pay American workers what their Chinese, Indian, and Mexican counterparts get paid (nor will they accept the fact that if manufacturing is brought back here that iPhones will cost $5K because they weren't made China).

They don’t care that Trump’s message of “drain the swamp of special interests” has been met with filling literally every position in the cabinet with even more flagrant special interests (other than Rick Perry, whom I can only assume was given his position so that we can drum up a “broken arrow” scenario and give the country something to divert its attention away from the White House's forthcoming exsanguinating policies).

They don’t care that Trump’s very occupation of the White House has cost the American taxpayer as much in the first month than the Obamas cost them in a year (if you supported Trump because of financial conservativism, kill yourself).

They don’t care that the man has had multiple wives, grabs pussies, and curses like a whore despite their vocalized requirements of having a leader with strong Christian values.

They don’t care that he cheats business contractors and employees who are regular people just like them. 

They don’t care how much his wall costs and how little it will actually do (and that paying for it will only hurt Americans, not Mexicans).

I could go on and on.

The only Republican politicians that I view in a positive light anymore are the #NeverTrump ones. At least they recognized a snake oil salesman when they sawhim. At least they stand for something.

Too many Americans have fallen into the Twitter attention span, where we want everything pared down to a few loud words or inflammatory sentences. More than ever, we vote for our party all the way down the ballot without giving at least some of the candidates the research that should be required to vote. I’ve heard too many Republicans say “I don’t like Trump but I had to vote for him.” No, you didn’t. That’s not how voting works. You get to choose whomever you want, or not choose anyone if none of them suit you! THAT’S COMMON FUCKING SENSE AND YOU STILL BLEW IT!!!

We’re already going down a dark path, and I don’t see how logic will ever prevail in this environment. I’m afraid it may be too late to #MakeAmericaSmartAgain

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