Author: Mike Maples

Friday, May 11, 2012

That Shit Is Gay

People need to stop using the argument that this is an issue that this affects or undermines their own marriage. By people, of course, I mean Americans. Mind your own fucking business and let gay people be miserable too. If a church chooses not to perform religious ceremonial marriage rites, that is their own business as it is a religious practice; their choice. However, states should not prevent those with the desire to marry a same-sex partner and enjoy the benefits that those of us who are married to an opposite-sex partner enjoy such as tax benefits, adoption proceedings, health benefits, and power-of-attorney, amongst much more. 

Our forefathers escaped religious persecution and established America and its associated Constitution, Bill of Rights, and so on. One of the things they thought of early on was the separation of church and state for issues just like this one. Marriage is a religious practice that is recognized by the government but not to be rendered by the government.

You want to talk religion and morals as they relate to marriage? Shit just got real.