Author: Mike Maples

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


“Executive orders were proof of Obama’s lawlessness. Now Trump does them and they’re celebrated…  Republicans have two principles: figuring out how to funnel more money to rich people, and ‘If it makes liberals mad, we’re for it.’ That’s it.” -Bill Maher

Bill has summarized what I’ve been thinking and saying for the past year: while the Dems’ message has stayed relatively the same through the years (at least since I’ve been interested in politics), Republicans/conservatives change their position more than a bisexual hooker playing Twister. Trump’s very nomination shows us this. How can you wag your fingers at something one day and embrace it the next and not look like you just wrote a doctoral thesis on hypocrisy? Look to the GOP for a lesson in doing this successfully and with the sheep… oops… I mean constituents’… blessing.