Author: Mike Maples

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I briefly had my own weekly comedy showcase at a little dive bar here in Orlando with a fellow comedian,. Sometimes it was funny, most times it wasn't. Sometimes there was a great crowd, sometimes we were telling jokes to one guy.

One night, we've got a few people in there having some drinks. There are signs all over town stating that there's an 18+ comedy show at this bar and it is going to be dirty. There's a flier for the show taped to every flat surface in the bar, including in the shitters

I'm not known as an "insult" comic; I do, however, play with a crowd. And they *almost always love it.

On this night, two 4.5s walk in to have a drink. Eight 'o clock hits, we rev up the show. They're a couple of years older than me, but not in a bad way at all. I start in with a bit about how sexy I think women older than me are (that's true). I ask one how old she is, and we laugh and have a little banter, then she says, "I'm 33." I do some catcalling, some whistling. Just doing my "sexy older woman," bit, then she blurts out, "no, no, no. I'm 21."